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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2013 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> right now, join forces with the new lone ranger! >> this was an opportunity to make a huge western that we had a lot of fun with. >> a preview of summer's biggest flicks at the box office! >> it's like the big build up, so it should feel like an event in there, and how movie magic comes to life at the magic it's like walking into the feature film! on the red carpet's on the road now! >> hello, welcome to on the red carpet from the walt disney world resort in florida. i'm rachel smith. we are celebrating the summer at the most magical place on earth! disney fantasies and characters come to life at the magic kingdom! >> it's always guaranteed happiness. i've never had a bad experience at a disney park. it is a guaranteed good time.
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>> and more good times thanks to the biggest expansion in magic kingdom history, the all new fantasyland! come face to face with beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, and next year, get ready to ride the all-new seven dwarfs mine train! >> it's gonna be, not just a fun, interactive, kind of, immersive roller coaster, but it's got the seven dwarfs, kind of, theming to it. they have a beautiful be, argua it'll be, arguably, right in the center of new fantasyland. it'll be, kind of, that final crown jewel, that, kind of, gives fantasyland that next touch. >> over at epcot, take a trip around the world in one afternoon! and don't forget to snap a picture in front of the iconic spaceship earth! keep your camera handy for a trip to disney's hollywood studios, a working film, tv and radio studio, you never know who you might run into! look who we found, jedi mickey and princess leia minnie! blast off on star tours - the adventures continue, the twilight zone's tower ofand toy. terror, and toy story mania. >> watch out! >> bbbbuuu dadadada.
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>> go on a backlot tour to see what goes on behind the scenes at the most magical place on earth! >> we actually manufacture all the costumes for walt disney world entertainment. i think actually mickey's got more clothes than minnie. i think he's probably got in excess of 5 or 600 clothes. >> yea, and finish your trip on a safari adventure at disney's animal kingdom. >> oh, look, there's an elephant! oh my gosh. >> live back here at magic kingdom, fairytale dreams do come true. we've got so many incredible things to show you here, including a super exclusive look inside a secret royal suite inside cinderella castle! but before we check that out, entertainment guru george pennacchio is heading off into the sunset for disney's "the lone ranger!" >> rachel, i am not a country boy as i think you can probably tell, but i still giddy-upped my way to santa fe, new mexico, to meet silver, and talk to the lone ranger himself, armie hammer.
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>> he's got the same moral compass that the original lone ranger has, but he deals with it in a more human way. you see him struggle, and sometimes you see him lose. >> i don't think you feel pressure. i definitely feel pressure. i feel pressure, i just think i deal with it well. >> maybe it's easier to carry the weight of the iconic role with johnny depp playing your sidekick tonto! >> as kids, as you do, you play cowboys and indians. and never once did i want to be the cowboy. never once. >> but armie did saddle up! and learned a thing or two about how to rope and ride! >> i don't know if i was good at it in the beginning, but in the end, i was getting a lot of crap from all the wranglers, so i thought if i'm getting this much crap, i might be getting kind of good at this. get in on the adventure! the lone ranger's playing now! >> also at the movies, go back to school, back to where it all began! >> james p. sullivan, mike
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wozowski. >> >> university" is the prequel to the 2001 hit "monsters inc". >> and they're not monsters to us, our heart and souls are in these guys when we do them, and we get to play some very touching scenes in this in this movie besides being funny because they're discovering who they are. >> you can discover them, too, in theatres now. and this summer, you can find the monsters at disney parks too! >> whoa! this really is gonna be the most monstrous summer ever! >> that's mike wazowski projected onto spaceship earth at epcot, kicking off a summer of thrills and enchantment! you can also catch your favorite monsters at the monsters inc. laugh floor here at the magic kingdom. it's a live comedy show starring mike, sully and the whole gang. it may be a busy summer here. but it's definitely a busy at the movies! adam sandler and the gang are at it again this summer in "grownups 2!" and they've still got some growing up to do.
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>> put your hands in the air. >> and wave 'em like you just don't care. say hoooo. >> say hooo. >> laugh along july 12th. opening the same day, monster mash-up pacific rim, where giant robots battle alien invaders! then, on july 19th, bruce willis is back in action - with his band of black-ops beatniks in red 2! apparently, you're number one on interpols most wanted. >> what did you say? >> it's important to enjoy life while you still can. >> ryan reynolds joins jeff bridges as part of an after-life task force in r.i.p.d. >> where am i? >> you're dead. >> but you have skills that we want. >> so we would like you to join the ripd. the rest in peace department. >> get in on the chase,july 19th, or get in on the race in turbo! ryan also voices the animated snail with a need for speed!fas. >> i wish i was fast.
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>> and from fast to freaky! >> there's something horrible happening in my house. >> the conjuring tells the terrifying true tale of two trailblazing ghosthunters! on july 26th, hugh jackman slashes back onto the big screen as the wolverine! >> what i am. can't be undone. don't be so sure. >> on august 2nd, mark wahlberg and denzel washington take on the mob in two guns! paradise is a place within reach in the sci-fi spectacle elysium. and matt damon wants to get there! we're gonna break into the most heavily guarded place in the universe? >> oh, yeah. >> it's great. i don't know how many times in a career you get to be involved in a world like that. >> it's completely original, it's something new to jump
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onto. >> the quest begins august 9th, two days after percy jackson sea of monsters! >> it's bigger and crazier, and everybody loves that about a sequel! and supernatural takes new form in the mortal instruments, city of bones. well, if i'm not a human what am i? you wouldn't believe me if i told you. these are creatures that wear leather and are cool and badass, and i think it's an area that no ones really tapped into yet. >> see for yourself - august 21st. summer movies aren't the only place you'll be seeing stars. look who we found, the one and od!y mickey mouse, looking coming up, we're taking you to the brand-new fantasyland here at walt disney world! how mickey minnie and other celebrities are celebrating the largest expansion in magic kingdom history! is it pretty awesome mickey? oh, yea, stay tuned cuz you don't want to miss it! >> coming up, otrc's super exclusive tour inside cinderella castle! >> oh,my goodness! >> celebs share their favorite disney moments! >> you have to ride toy story when you go to disney you have to.
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it's jus>>t thnd wait until youe rachel's royal transformation! >> it's not every day i get transformed into a princess! check out more from on the red carpet's app on your ipad, iphone or ipod touch. download it for free from the app store in itunes. >> hey, i'm melissa joan hart and you're watching on the red carpet.
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>> on the red carpet is taking you inside cinderella castle! a peek inside a super secret suite that's not open to the public!
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>> welcome back to on the red carpet from the walt disney world resort in florida. you can experience disney story-telling like never before at the new fantasyland here at the magic kingdom. check it out in this week's mercedes benz star spotlight. new fantasyland is the largest expansion in the park's history, so big even the stars were out for this one! >> i'm so excited to know that disney is already so immense and to know that its so huge and there's so much to see and to add even more just adds to the fantasy of it. >> go under the sea on the journey of the little mermaid, or take a trip through the world of beauty and the beast and dine at the magical be our guest restaurant! >> i would tell you, most guests, when they walk in there, they're there for a fabulous meal, which we through the magic kingdom mountain range! splash mountain, space mountain and the big thunder mountain railroad! >> ahhhhhh. >> then, climb aboard a doom buggy for a spooky trip
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through haunted mansion, and follow captain jack sparrow into the classic pirates of the caribbean! >> or he's gonna make you walk the plank mate! >> and get up close with the newest member of the disney princess royal court! merida from "brave"! >> i am strong. i am brave. i am merida! i am a princess! >> yay! >> and where does a princess stay? the super exclusive cinderella >> glass slipper. i think it'll fit! >> the slipper is a one-of-a-kind creation designed by steuben glass. the pumpkin coach mosaic in the entryway is made of 30,000 tiles. the rich details on the beds are 14 karat gold. there's even antique furniture from the 17th and 18th century. and the royal bath is truly fit for a king! it's so special that only a handful of lucky people have stayed here!
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so, what we tried to do a few years ago is every day, unannounced, randomly, we would select somebody and surprise them with you're the family that's going to be spending the night in the castle. we would basically whisk them off their feet, we would head up to the castle, we would go get their luggage, wherever it was, and they would have this magical evening. and, uh, obviously, for any family, it truly was a dream come true. >> the suite was originally intended as a place for walt disney and his family. celebs like kevin jonas, neil patrick harris, and tom and suri cruise have also stayed the night! >> i believe they did. >> and from the window, you've got an amazing view of the wishes nighttime spectacular - the biggest, brightest gic kingdom history! and if that's not enough, we're about to get a royal makeover and go check out beast's castle. who knows, we may even encounter some familiar characters! stay tuned for that! up next, catch up on an exciting summer of new tv shows! >> oh, my gosh, it was just so
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much fun and everybody came to play everybody came to have fun. >> and some returning favorites get back to work! there's a huge amount of pressure to be as good as the scripts that you're handed. >> plus, stars share their favorite disney memories! >> you're gonna have to use that one now cuz no one's gonna have a better story than that.
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>> hello, mike wazowski here. scare student at monsters university. you know, my favorite thing about school? summer vacation! >> we're not just celebrating a monstrous summer here at walt disney world. but it's also a big summer of television! otrc's tony cabrera gets our preview started! check it out in this week's mercedes benz star spotlight. >> one of the hot shows this summer is tnt's criminal drama, "perception". with eric mccormack and rachael leigh cook.
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she gets a lot more opportunity to be funny. because rachael's very funny. and sometimes the hardened fbi stuff doesn't give her the full range to play. it's gonna be a lot of fun this season. >> also fun is the new "devious maids" on lifetime. proving to be joyfully scandalous. every single day we're like - girls! i think we have something here! you know it feels so good. >> but many eyes are already on an action-packed fall. >> welcome to level seven. >> a new group of marvel stars are assembling. get ready for agents of shield! >> there's no special powers here. these are the people whose job it is to kind of deal with a world post avengers where there's gods and aliens and a lot of other people want those powers and some of them aren't so nice. >> we have the excuse to geek out because this is in the marvel. >> is that what i'm doing? no, no, no, i'm cool! i'm like. i'm all dressed up here. >> no, we play it cool, but we're all geeks i think on the inside.
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>> catch "agents of shield" this fall on abc. it's time to get back to work for season two of "the newsroom". >> the show picks up a week after the first season left off, so we're in the middle of the primary and it'll go right up to the election and everything that came in between. i'm kinda fascinated with how aaron is so on it. i mean, he's gotta write these things almost a year in advance. some of these stories have long legs. >> its so brilliant the material that it's always gonna be good so good, it's changed the way this cast watches the real news! >> i think that i'm watching it with a lot more compassion. for journalists than i think i ever had before. and a sort of understanding the faintest of understandings of how hard it must be. >> tune into the new season of "the newsroom" on hbo. also coming to tv this summer, "orange is the new black". time to say goodbye.
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>> i love you so much! >> the new dramedy from the creator of "weeds" shows what happens when a woman is forced to trade her comfortable new york life for prison! get locked in on "netflix". and get your game face on - it's "hollywood game night" hosted by jane lynch! >> we took sean hayes' game night at his home which are notorious in our neighborhood, and fun and rauckus and crazy and we put it on tv! contestants team up with celebs like amy poehler, jason sudeikis, maya rudolph and executive producer sean hayes. executive producer sean hayes. we play these crazy pop culture games that sean made up join in the fun, on nbc. and watch out for kris jenner. the kardashian mom is hosting her own talk show! catch "the kris jenner show" on select fox stations, or her youtube channel. plenty of shows to look forward to this summer. but it's nothing compared to the show you can see at the disney parks. celebs share with us, their favorite disney memories. >> i always love. i remember taking my daughter there for the first time which was quite a thing remembering when i was younger and i went. and i always thought walt a great film maker and such a
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pioneer doing pirates of the caribbean, like ford was kinda sitting between us and you could just feel him like squeezing our hands, getting kinda scared at some of the stuff, and it was like, it really is amazing to see kids and how they react to that. >> i truly i've been to disney world. and when you from florida 3 hours from orlando, that's where the parents take you. like when are we going to disney it's been a week i love disneyland and i love disney world. it's the happiest place on earth! i've been so many times. >> really like how many throw out a number you really wanna know? >> at least 20. >> no. >> yea. >> my trip to disney world was my favorite trip ever! because i went with my sister, who i'm very close with. we were there for five days by
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ourselves and we would wake up really early in the morning and just hit every single park in one day, so we'd go to all of the parks in one day! >> believe it or not, i met my wife down there, on spring break. i was working, she was there with her family, we met there 42. they were building the wedding chapel that year was 1993. in 2005, we got married in that chapel. >> my favorite disney experience is still ahead! i've got a date with a beast next! up next, on the red carpet's extremely royal makeover! gowns, crown! >> hair, jewelry. >> let's do it girl! >> this week, birthday wishes go out to jaden smith who is 15 on monday. tom hanks celebrates his 57th birthday on july 9th. and sofia vergara turns 41 on july 10th.
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>> we're heading into the me when i come, and you may
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>> are you ready to get lost inside a tale as old as time? we're taking you inside beauty and the beast's enchanted castle for a deliciousexperienc. experience. come on, let's go! waltz your way into the magical world of beauty and the beast inside the be our guest restaurant! ♪ you can dine in the elegant ballroom, the rose gallery, or the mysterious west wing - allst of the oscar-winning disney classic. some familiar faces from dancing with the stars, tony dovolani and chelsie hightower even got a chance to try out
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the dance floor. it's absolutely incredible. from a young age i remember this movie and it was such a huge part of my life and to be recreating this dance with beauty and the beast is amazing, it's amazing. >> and otrc got an even more amazing castle experience - a royal makeover! >> hi, i'm rachel. >> it's a pleasure to meet you. >> seneca, well are you transforming me into a princess today? >> yes, i am beautiful princess today. >> i cant wait! ok, so a little hair and makeup, a lot of jewels, and one gorgeous gown. >> presenting princess rachel! >> i'm all dressed up and we've got places to go! c'mon! >> let's strike a pose outside gaston's tavern! hi, gaston. i'm rachel. >> it's a pleasure to meet me. i'm glad you got to be here. >> gaston, i am loving
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fantasyland. fantasyland is gorgeous. what is the best part about it? >> me, of course! >> okay. how about a trip under the sea to ariel's grotto? your hair looks so beautiful. you look great. >> thank you. oh, i did use my dinglehopper this morning. >> did you? >> is that what they used to fix your hair too? >> well, something like that. >> now, it's over to beast's castle! it's so nice to meet you! i just got transformed into a princess beast, do i look ok? >>yea? >> you like beast i've always dreamed of dancing with you! belle won't mind, right? >> is it possible for me to borrow the beast for a moment to have a little dance with him? >> oh, absolutely. he's actually been practicing his dancing. >> so maybe i can do a little twirl. >> a little twirl. that's acceptable. you can do a curtsey. eeek! >> ok, here goes! >> oh my gosh, you're so talented! i don't know how you do that! i mean seriously! because you're one massive dude.
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awwwww! >> oh, my gosh! thank you. thank you. thank you. talk about a fantasy come true! ok, i think i'm liking this getup. and how fun was that? we've had such an amazing time here at the walt disney world resort. you really have to come check out the new fantasyland. it really is the most magical place on earth. thanks so much to everyone here, and thanks for joining us. i've gotta head back to hollywood before the clock strikes midnight! we'll see you next time, on the red carpet.
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this morning on "world news now" -- new information overnight about the crash of flight 214. we now have details about the pilot's experience and we're hearing from witnesses about
3:30 am
what they've endured as the plane went down. >> plus a runaway train devastates a town in canada. dozens are dead. thousands were forced from their homes. what investigators think went wrong. >> history making wimbledon, the uk's andy murray becomes the first brit to take the trophy in a long, long time. now his hometown is giving him a special celebration. >> and the sports world's best bodies are baring it all. going to open pages on espn magazine new body issue in "the skinny," this monday, july 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." yep, good morning, everyone. i'm tai hernandez. happy monday. do we say that? i'm in for diana perez. >> sure we do. if there is such a thing. all right. i'm john muller. we'll begin with details on a second deadly plane crash this weekend. ten people were killed at a remote airport, 75 miles west of anchorage sunday morning. >> the aircraft erupted in flames. the fire initially kept firefighters from reaching the
3:31 am
wreckage. victims have not been identified. an ntsb team expected to arrive this morning. now to the asiana flight 214 that crashed at san francisco airport. started to see remarkable images of the aftermath. >> this video from ntsb released moments ago. from the up-close vantage point so far. it shows the burned out shell of the boeing 777 as well as the the plane's massive landing gear and all kinds of debris scattered down the runway. >> abc's david muir is in san francisco where he talked to passengers about the harrowing few moments. >> reporter: the aerial view of the boeing 777, charred jumbo jet as it sits off the runway after crashing while coming in for landing at san francisco's airport. the fuselage, nothing but a giant burned out crater now, most of the roof gone. the nightmare began to unfold in the final second of asiana flight 214 as it approached the runway. it was before noon, 11:27 pacific time saturday when the
3:32 am
flight and the pilots were on their final approach. witnesses telling us it hit the ground with tremendous force. the tail hitting first. just feet from the runway. scattering debris before coming to rest on its belly roughly 80 feet from the runway. >> it seemed to be arriving perfectly. then all of a sudden it tilted up. so, like, 70 degrees. and landed on its tail. it crashed with a thud, real loud, smash to the concrete. >> reporter: with seconds to spare, air traffic controllers here knew the hundreds of passengers and crew on the jet were in trouble. >> 214 having emergency. vehicles are responding. >> reporter: 11:35 pacific time, minutes after flight 214 began the final approach it had crashed. rescue crews racing to the runway. they arrive off to find the chutes deployed. flight crews helping the passengers off. passengers with life threatening injuries, compressed spines from the sheer force of the impact. many passengers jumping before the chutes could inflate. some of the chutes torn off with
3:33 am
the impact. eyewitnesses watching it all unfold. >> oh, my god! >> we just saw a plane crash! >> reporter: police officers on the ground threw utility knives up to the plane any crew so they could cut through the seatbelts of those who remained trapped. we were out on san francisco bay, the closest view of the wreckage with one of the survivors, benjamin levy. you won't forget which seat you were in? >> no. 30 k. >> reporter: 30 k. close to the emergency exit. >> the seat next to the door. >> reporter: benjamin told me it seemed as if the pilot was trying to take off again. >> as we were approaching touchdown, he put full throttle, on the engine and started to gain altitude again, because he probably -- he realized it was too low. >> reporter: this passenger his arm in a sling after he left the hospital can't get the sound out of his mind. >> the moment, it was bang, and we -- we realized something has gone wrong. something is terrible. >> reporter: silence before they all realized they were still alive. those flight attendants, the heroes trained to get the
3:34 am
passengers off, the first 90 seconds so crucial. this image showing the billowing smoke as you move in you can see the passenger windows there, the fire raging inside that cabin. all of the passengers had escaped. david muir, abc news, san francisco. >> we have learned much more about the pilot of that boeing 777, aircraft. >> yeah, tahman bradley joining us now from san francisco. tahman, we understand the pilot had no experience landing at san francisco's airport. >> that's exactly right, john, tai. we learned from the airlines a short time ago that in fact that was the case. this is a very experienced pilot, but not on the triple 777 aircraft. he was trying to get his license on this particular aircraft. and he was at the helm, landing here in san francisco for the very first time. now he had an experienced co-pilot with him. the airlines saying this was his first time at the helm landing here in san francisco. this is a very difficult runway
3:35 am
here in san francisco that we have heard experts have told us. so, obviously this raises concerns about the level of experience happening. in that cockpit and whether or not this was appropriate at this time. given that he -- was reasonably unfamiliar with this type of aircraft. >> tahman, what do we know about the victims still in the hospital at this point? >> reporter: there are a number of people being treated. there are 51 people who remain hospitalized. seven adults in critical condition, as well as one child. so a lot of concerns still about those folks. >> a lot of speculation about what went on with the pilots. a lot of people pointing fingers at this point. let the investigation hash out on that one. no doubt about it, the flight crew seems to have reacted heroically. is that what you are hearing as well? >> reporter: we have heard remarkable stories of what happened with the people who were on board the plane. the flight attendants -- we
3:36 am
heard one story of a flight attendant who was in tears, and who was actually helping people, men who were twice her size, and as she is crying she is helping people get off of the plane. a lot of courage shown by the first responders as well. who were involved in the triage operation. doctors at some of the local hospitals, telling us, yesterday that in fact they helped to save lives by providing medical care before emergency responders could get on the scene. >> all right, tahman, abc's tahman bradley in san francisco. thank you. >> now, a new question, the coroner is conducting an autopsy on one of the young women who died in the crash to determine whether she was run over by an emergency vehicle at the scene. >> two people died. half of the people on the flight did suffer some kind of injury. abc's cecelia vega has the that part of the story. >> reporter: many of the passengers on board flight 214 never felt they would make it out alive. >> i feel lucky. we have six family members
3:37 am
travel on this plane. we all are safe. so i feel lucky. >> reporter: among her family members still in the hospital, her 4-year-old son with a broken leg. for some, surviving was nothing short of a miracle. but for many others, the nightmare is only now unfolding. of the 51 people who remain hospitalized, 8 cling to life. one of them a child. their injuries, just one way to describe them. horrific. doctors at san francisco general hospital are working around the clock to save them. many passengers are still unconscious. dr. margaret knudson is chief of surgery and head of the trauma team and says crash injuries look like what she saw in the war zones of iraq. >> they were dragged by the airplane? >> we don't know. for sure. they have the type of rash we see if somebody were to take a body and pull it across the cement. so i don't know where these people were, when this happened. >> reporter: aviation experts
3:38 am
say the boeing 777 may have slammed into the runway at 150 miles per hour. the impact so hard it snapped passengers' spines. at least two are paralyzed. this picture tweeted by ntsb investigators shows a mangled and crushed plane interior. >> reporter: one of the patients told you that she saw the row in front of her collapse. >> collapse on top of her. >> reporter: what does that tell you about the impact? >> obviously, a huge impact for a plane to crash. it broke her sternum, she is a young person. we figure must have been the seat that did that. one of our patients has seat marks you can see where the indentation was. >> reporter: passengers in the back of the plane were hurt the worst. among them the two 16-year-old chinese girls who died. back in china, their heartbroken parents comforted by other parents of children also on flight 214. the kids were on their way to spend the summer at a christian camp to learn english. in los angeles. members of that church coming together for a special service. ♪
3:39 am
♪ >> reporter: the doctor i spoke with she said it is amazing that so many people survived this crash. but still when it comes to the recovery it is a very long road ahead. so many patients who have already had surgery she told me will be back in the operating room for even more surgeries. when i asked her outright "will the patients in critical condition survive?" she said, "i hope so." cecelia vega, abc news, san francisco. >> remarkable, the range, so many, some people carrying their luggage on the chutes. other people not. >> when you look at the exterior of the plane it looks terrible. really the interior so telling of the type of injuries that we saw in the chairs, in disarray, seats not all remained intact. >> no doubt. we will stay on the story. let's talk about canada's prime minister. he calls the scene of this weekend's train derailment and explosion in quebec, an "unbelievable disaster." five people were killed, dozens
3:40 am
still unaccounted for, following this accident, 30 buildings in the downtown area were incinerated by the powerful blast, and the disaster has raised new questions about the safety of trains carrying crude oil. >> russian official is urging nsa leaker edward snowden to accept venezuela's offer of asylum. the lawmaker who often speaks for the kremlin said it may be snowden's last chance. for political asylum. snowden remains in limbo at moscow airport. venezuela officials haven't been in contact but expect to consult with russians today. snowden has also received asylum offers from bolivia and nicaragua. >> now your weather -- >> scattered showers and thunderstorms for just about the entire eastern u.s. dry, sunny, texas, central plains. severe storms threaten the rockies and northern plains. fair conditions along the west coast. >> 76, seattle. 92 in sacramento. 111 in phoenix. lots of 89s out there. chicago, baltimore, new orleans, miami, boston. going to get to 82 there. honolulu.
3:41 am
lovely 81 degrees. >> good. >> it does. >> coming up more coverage of the crash of flight 214. we'll hear from an aviation expert who breaks down two critical images from the crash. >> later the town has gone wild. take you to the home town of the first british man to win wimbledon in 77 years. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol, power and free. to you by l, power and free. s of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly.
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another step forward in our mission for health.
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and can cost thousands of dollars to repair... thankfully, the powerful dual action formula of rid-x has enzymes to break down waste and time released bacteria to reduce tank build up. d-tic maintenance.
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investigators are looking for new clues into the new images of flight 214 just before it crashed. one shows the plane close to the water even before it reached the runway. the other showing the jet almost tumbling after it slammed down. >> abc aviation consultant john nance tells us what he sees in the images and why the pilot signaled he wanted to abort the landing just seconds before he touched down. >> they were very low, much too low for a normal approach. they were probably 200, 300 feet below where they should be. a mile and a half -- or rather -- a half mile out there. we don't know why. the second image as a matter of fact tells me we were lucky. because if this airplane had continued over and completely turned over, we would have lost a lot of passengers before we could have gotten them cut out of the seatbelts hanging upside down. there is a big puzzle. they happen to know they were low and slow at that point.
3:46 am
they were probably 20, 30 knots below where they should have been. they were pulling on the airplane. this will be one of the focal points of the investigation. why did they wait so long to realize they had to get more power and get out of there? >> so many questions. that, i mean, every one who is an expert says that plane looks low. even the people who just took pictures were, across the bay watching it said what's up with the plane that was so low. >> now the information there wasn't enough speed leading up to that landing strip. and the repercussions, looking at the pilot, apparently had no experience at all landing at that particular airport in that plane. that's right. >> a lot of experience in a lot of planes. only 43 hours at the 777. he did have experienced pilots with him helping him along. a lot of people saying this might not have been the best idea. we'll let the investigation get to the bottom of that. definitely a lot of questions swirling around the pilots in this one. >> when we return, a first look at the hottest magazine of the year.
3:47 am
or maybe the hottest issue, pro athletes baring all. >> plus, paris jackson finding a new place to live. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
[chain saw whirring] [growling] listen, you are extremely terrifying-- just the scariest undead thing on tv, and i really mean that. i am worried that you could give my kids nightmares if they see you, so i'm gonna have to block you. [sighs] so, that's it. oh, and tell the zombies they're blocked, too. ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ skinny so skinny >> "the skinny" time. wow, get ready for some pictures here, folks.
3:49 am
espn's magazine "the body issue" has athletes in -- poses you might not be normally used to seeing. check this out. matt harvey, young gun mets' pitcher may start the all-star game. >> whoa. >> yeah, right. check it out. how did that they get matt harvey to do it. another one too. they have a bunch of big, is he taking room service out of his hotel room there. kind of funny. "the new york daily news" talked to matt harvey. he said to them, kind of nerve-racking at first. i have never been fully nude in front of random people like that before. with a camera around. now that is all done. a fun experience. he was one of 20 athletes. collin kaepernick, san francisco 49ers. let's put up -- some women in here. who do we have here? little lost in my notes. here we go. courtney force, race car driver. check her out. carrying nothing but a gas can there. >> nothing but a gas can. one of the eight selected for the cover. she says, "i tried to shine the light on our sport and show that we are athletes."
3:50 am
well she certainly shining the light on that one. check out this next one. is that awesome. that would be "the manimal" as he is called. kenneth faried from the denver nuggets. awesome picture. holy mackerel. >> challenge people to look away from the photographs. come on now. >> yeah. >> moving on. sorry, folks we have to move on. talk about paris hilton. apparently her grandmother and her mom, debbie rowe decided once she made a recovery after her alleged suicide attempt they want her to go -- i'm sorry, paris jackson. they would like her to go to a place called, a boarding school for troubled teens. it is called the diamond ranch academy in utah. apparently costs $6,000 a month. it is controversial. some web sites out there that disagree with the methods of the ranch. but it is no time soon. they want to give her full time to get better. before they -- send her off. >> such a sweet girl. hope she gets it together. she is young.
3:51 am
i hope she gets back on her feet. let's hope it works. sophia loren, ageless beauty. italian actress. going back to the movies at age of 78 years old. gracing the big screens for a long time. the oscar winner is going to return for her first starring role in over a decade. a film called "la voca humana" "the human voice" based on a 1930 play. any way, neat to see her on the big screen. what a classic beauty. thought she is a total babe. >> isn't she? her son is directing the film. i believe. >> check her out. >> family affair. >> she always looks great. even in "grumpier old men" older and older and total class act. >> always. >> looks good forever. timeless. we'll be back. r. timeless. we'll be back.
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like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. >> what a day >> what a day at wimbledon
3:55 am
today. scotland's andy murray broke britain's 77-year dry spell. >> after three grueling hours in the relentless sun it all came down to one point p >> number two murray knocking off serbia's top seeded novak djokovic. the first british man to win wimbledon since fred perry in 1936. also the first british man ever to win at wimbledon wearing shorts. that tells you how long ago it was. that is a funny stat isn't it? i watched the last set. really emotional and awesome. happy for him. all right, sharing a lot of andy murray's wimbledon victories than the people who live in his hometown of dunblane, scotland. >> they gathered at parties all over town to watch the match in agony until the final point. reporter james cook of the bbc was in dunblane with them. >> reporter: they dreamed. they hoped, they prayed. and someone was listening. [ cheers and applause ]
3:56 am
>> reporter: how do you feel? [ indiscernible ] >> he tried to come back. world number one -- not for long! >> absolutely fabulous. so pleased for him. >> reporter: for dunblane, this success tastes so sweet. it is sheer delight here. their man, their local hero has made his mark on history. >> reporter: and andy murray's family here are also thrilled. >> we're just so proud of him. we couldn't be more proud of him. and it all started here. as a 3-year-old. >> reporter: dunblane has come through so much. for a long time its very name was a word for horror. and they are singing in the streets here. andy murray said he wants to make the town proud. job done. james cook, bbc news, dunblane.
3:57 am
>> fantastic news you heard him mention the town was famous for horror. in 1996, 17 people shot dead in the town at a school. a big moment of relief for them. >> new claim to fame. >> yeah. some history made at the wimbledon's women's final. the 15th seeded marion bartoli, of france beat sabine lisicki. 6-1, 6-4. >> her first grand slam title. the sixth player to win at wimbledon without dropping a set. >> very nice. >> we'll be back. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
this morning, the crash landing in san francisco. >> inside the wreckage. new video overnight gives us a closer look at the aftermath and the devastation as survivors
4:00 am
recall the moment of impact and the chaos that followed. >> the guy put full throttle on the engine and started to gain some altitude again and probably realized it was too late. the water started splashing everywhere. also learning something new about the pilot and his experience. his first time at that airport in that plane. the latest in a live report. developing now, secretary of state john kerry's wife air-lifted to the hospital. the heiress in critical condition. new details in a live report. and holy hail. the incredible video showing what 12 inches of hail looks like in the middle of july.


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